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At the Dance
Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill

Afro cover At the Dance is the first offering from Afro Shillelagh, recorded live at the Emerald Ridge contra dance in Seattle. This is southern dance music at its finest: creative and loose while right in the groove. The musicians are Shiho Mizumoto on fiddle, Andrea Cooper on flute, banjo, and tin whistle, Russell Shumsky on djembe, marimba, and didgeridoo, and Dave Marshall on guitar and tenor banjo. To order, send a check or money order for $15 (U.S.$13) plus $3 (U.S. or Canadian$) shipping, to my contact address.

Track List:

  1. Salt River / June Apple
  2. Christy Barry's / Cookhouse Joe
  3. Norwegian Schottiche / Millsprite
  4. Seneca Square Dance / Soul Limbo
  5. Seanamhac Tube Station / Jim Ward's / Scartaglen
  6. Battle of Waterloo
  7. Grey Eagle / Rock Andy
  8. Tesfaye

Holler cover Holler was released in July 2004 - old-time stringband music played with authenticity, exuberance and precision. The musicians are: Kori Miyanishi on fiddle, vocals, guitar and fretless banjo, Shiho Mizumoto on fiddle and viola, Andrea Cooper on banjo, and Dave Marshall on guitar and mandolin. They have devoted much of their lives studying traditional Appalachian music with the masters, through direct teaching and field recordings. Woo-hoo! To order, send a check or money order for $20 (U.S.$15) plus $3 (U.S. or Canadian$) shipping, to my contact address.
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Track List:

  1. Cotton-Eyed Joe (from Tommy Jarrell)
  2. Chinquapin Hunting (from Hiram Stamper)
  3. Brad Walters (from John Salyer)
  4. Ducks on the Millpond (from Emmet Lundy)
  5. Lilly's Waltz (Kori Miyanishi)
  6. Piney Woods Gal (from Emmet Lundy)
  7. Longtime Traveller (Kori Miyanishi)
  8. Green Mountain (from Isham Monday)
  9. Sourwood Mountain (from Edn Hammons)
  10. Dan Friend's Piece (from Ernie Carpenter)
  11. Going Across the Sea (from Isham Monday)
  12. John Hardy (trad.)
  13. Adeline (from Luther Strong)
  14. Meg's Waltz (Kori Miyanishi)
  15. Sally Ann is the Girl I Like

Pleasant Hill cover Lost Chicken's first CD, Pleasant Hill, was released in June 2003. The musicians are Joel Bernstein, Andrea Cooper, and Dave Marshall, with guests Mark Roberts and Shiho Mizumoto. Track titles are listed below, and you can have a listen to some samples in MP3 format. To order, send a check or money order for $20 (U.S.$15) plus $3 (U.S. or Canadian$) shipping, to my contact address. Buy Now Buy Now

Anonymous review: Hi An: I love your CD. The cover, the chicken, the music. You are supremely talented. Too bad your mother didn't inherit your genes!

Track List:

  1. Chuck in the Bush (from Don Gish)
  2. Jump in the Well, Pretty Little Miss (from Noah Beavers)
  3. Piney Woods (from Burl Hammons)
  4. Pleasant Hill (Joel Bernstein)
  5. Hickory (from Boyd Asher)
  6. Old Cumberland (Pat Conte)
  7. Lost Indian (festival)
  8. Washington's March (Edn Hammons)
  9. Mad River (Pete Sutherland)
  10. Hunting the Buffalo (from Jimmy Driftwood, sort of)
  11. Lazy Kate (from Uncle Bob Walters)
  12. Poor Little Thing Cried Mammy (from Uncle Dave Macon)
  13. Meg Gray (from George Hawkins)
  14. Black Hills Waltz (from Kenner Kartchner)
  15. Piney Ridge (from W.M. Stepp)
  16. Tom Wagner (from Kenner Kartchner)
  17. Grandad's Favorite (from Ernie Carpenter)
  18. Cumberland Gap (from Marion Reece)
  19. Blind Steer in a Mudhole (from Jimmy Wheeler)
  20. Granny's Waltz (from Rufus Guinchard's granny)

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