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Picture of Dave with fiddle On this page, you'll find information on booking me, a description of the music I play, and some music samples.

Here's a few of the things you might want to book me for:

  • You want live music at your wedding, convention, party, or whatever
  • You want to put on a dance (contra, ceili, square, or family dance) and you want a band with or without a dance teacher
  • You want lessons for Irish or old-time backup, or for Irish tenor banjo
  • You need a musician for your studio project
I can play solo, or put together a group as big as you like. I'm linked up with dance callers/teachers in the Irish, contra and square traditions; we can come as a package deal. Rates vary considerably, depending on your event: contact me for a quote, or telephone 604-731-6762 (cell: 604-343-4667).

Warning: we don't know Danny Boy, or Whiskey in the Jar.

I play:
  • Irish-style tenor banjo
  • Appalachian-style (old-time) fiddle
  • Backup guitar for Irish or appalachian music
  • Backup bouzouki for Irish music
  • Backup piano for Irish music

You'll hear me at sessions, contra dances, and ceili dances around Vancouver, B.C., playing dance music in two distinct styles: appalachian and Irish.

In the spring of 2002, the session players from the Irish Heather released a CD, From the Heather.

Music Samples

Description MP3 Music Sample
Irish Reels: Ben Keyes is playing banjo, and I'm playing guitar Listen
Cottoneyed Joe: "Holler" - Shiho Mizumoto, Cori Miyanishi, Andrea Cooper, Dave Marshall, and Michel Drouin Listen
Jump in the Well, Pretty Little Miss: I'm playing fiddle with Andrea Cooper on banjo, and Joel Bernstein on harmonica Listen
Poor Little Thing Cried Mammy: as above, but with Joel on banjo Listen
Piney Woods: playing twin fiddles with Shiho Mizumoto Listen
Mad River (by Peter Sutherland): I'm playing mandolin and guitar (the miracle of modern recording), and Frank Metcalf is playing banjo Listen
Mary Claflin's: Randal Bays is playing fiddle, and I'm playing piano. This is from the 2000 recording "The Salmon's Leap" by Randal Bays; see Foxglove Records for more information. Listen
Georgia Horseshoes played by the Three Teeners: Peter Boveng is on fiddle, Linda Wilson on banjo, I'm on guitar - in Peter's backyard. Listen


When I get the opportunity, I like to go to music festivals - my favourite festivals are the Weiser National Old-Time Fiddle Contest, the Festival of American Fiddle Music, the Appalachian Stringband Music Festival, and Seattle Folklife.

The Music

Appalachian, or old-time are terms loosely applied to music that was popular in the southeastern United States before the mid-1900's, and is undergoing a revival among devoted traditional music fans. Appalachian music comes in a variety of flavours, but today it's usually centered on the combination of the fiddle and the 5-string banjo - the banjo played "clawhammer" style. The music is strongly influenced by celtic and african traditions. It's a lot like drumming - the tunes are simple melodies played with a strong groove and with lots of subtle rhythmic variation. Here is an excellent website about old-time music.

Traditional Irish music is familiar to many: jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes have worked their way into the mainstream. This dance music has enjoyed a tremendous resurgence since the 1980's. The instruments most often used are the fiddle, Uilleann pipes, wooden flute, and in more recent years, the 4-string tenor banjo, the guitar / bouzouki / piano for backup, and the bodhran (drum).

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