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I would tell you more, but either I can't remember or I've blocked it...

I grew up in 1950's Louisiana in a midsize town. Lousy at sports, but good at math. Went to Catholic schools and church until a teenage deconversion. California. Hippie. Grateful Dead. Emigrated to Canada because it seemed like something to do. Yada yada.

The world o' computers grabbed me sometime in the early 1970's and I lucked into a job at MDA when it was just starting up. It was really fun back then. I first heard traditional music at the Courtenay Fair around 1975 - I thought "whoa that's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard, gimme another beer". A few years later I started playing the fiddle and guitar and started dividing my time between techo-land and music-land. I first heard old-time music at the Weiser Festival in the mid-1980's and thought "whoa that's weird, gimme another beer". Eventually, I fell in love with old-time music and learned what I could from my friends, especially at summer festivals when I wasn't working. In the mid-1990's I met Randy Vic and Stephanie Custer; they swept me into Irish Music.

When I'm not playing music or geeking, my hobbies include reading, New York Times crossword puzzles, exercising, and bird watching - mostly lazy stuff, you may note.

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